Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hectic Day in the Big A

There are many days in which you would like to just be able to get back into bed and pretend that it never happened. Today was a day that I would have rather have just extended out between four other days.

Getting by on three hours of sleep is something which should have been left behind from my days in college. It is amazing the ability that you have to get up whenever there are deadlines to be met and money to be made. I broke off from work last night to sleep at midnight and woke up at 3am to finish everything. I would have slept later, but we had to get out the door this morning at 7:30am.

So, anyone have some extra time that they would like to sell me? How great would it be if the world worked that way? You want to get some extra time in your day, you buy it from someone not using it like those in prison. They get what they want with a shorter sentence. You get what you want with more time on your hands to enjoy with your family or to make more money.

I am happy to have this problem as my problem is one of too much work and not enough time. I would rather have this problem than needing to have two nickels to rub together and no way to make any money for my family. The kids are in school, one of them being college, and we are able to pay our bills.

I would be remiss to say that life is good seeing as I am not able to enjoy the time that I should have with my family, but at least I am able to make sure that they are able to have the things that they want. I know that things will slow back down soon, so I am just riding it out until then.

During these hectic days in the A, I will simply overload on caffeine and have too much to drink whenever I get the chance. Until then, I will fight the stress by talking through platforms like this. Thank you to all of you out there reading this and I appreciate any well wishes you have to offer.

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