Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Save Candler Park Golf Course

The city of Atlanta has many great traditions which should be preserved when they are good for the community and discarded when no longer needed. There is a current problem where the Parks and Recreation department is looking to eliminate one of the public golf courses in the city. Candler Park Golf Course is in trouble of being shut down because it is being dubbed as “not profitable enough”. This is a terrible reason to get rid of something which helps beginners to get started with golf in a less intimidating environment as well as a place where golf enthusiasts can get away for a relaxing 9 holes of golf.

Those who are familiar with the course feel that efforts can be better served in improving the golf course rather than shutting it down. This is why the Friends of Candler Park Golf Course has been making an effort to change the mind of those trying to shut down the golf course. If you are so inclined, you can learn more by visiting or by contacting me directly at

I have recently obtained permission from Edwin Watts Golf on Piedmont Road to provide merchandise which can be raffled to help promote the golf course and to try to raise money. The first raffle will be help shortly and will include the use of recovered balls from the course which will be stamped with a serial number. The drawing will choose one of these numbers and the winning number will win the prize.

Additional efforts will be made to have a tournament on the course and other promotional affairs. Every effort will be made to help in making sure that the city realizes how beloved Candler Park Golf Course is to the golfers and to the community. I encourage all golfers and those living in the community to reach out to those in control of this decision making process to let them know what you think.

If you are interested in writing a letter to those who can weigh in with more influence, the suggested people include:

·         Mayor Kasim Reed, City of Atlanta

·         Senator Jason Carter

·         Alex Wan, City of Atlanta Council District 6

·         George Dusenbury, City of Atlanta Parks & Recreation

·         Walt Rey, Park Pride Director of Park Visioning

Any questions or comments about this issue are welcomed and I will be sure to post them here for the consideration of all. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you out at Candler Park Golf Course soon!