Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine’s Day Trap

So, I was getting my taxes done the other day and I was having a discussion with my wife and the woman who was entering the information about our taxes. I informed them about the post I just made about Valentine’s Day and how guys need to not be fooled by the lure of not buying anything for the big V-Day. They both insisted that after a while, women do not want that. They would rather have a gift on a random day when no one is telling them to think about them. I gotta call BS on that one!

I can just imagine the day when I do NOTHING for Valentine’s Day. It might just be the last thing that I do as a married man. How do I know? I have made stutter steps in the past with her. Did something lackluster or unimaginative. While she SAID everything was all right, I could see it smoldering just under the surface that it WAS NOT! I have made up my mind that from then on, I was going to be doing something special on that day.

This year, I get the ultimate opportunity. She will be working in an office again this year. She will also be working on Valentine’s Day. I will be making sure that she is getting something at the office so that she will be able to have bragging rights. Even if it means that I am bringing it there myself, she is getting something that will make the rest of the office jealous. Guys, it is not about just doing something, mark my words! It is about doing something SPECIAL. Leave the flowers for a random day. Valentine’s Day is the day to SHINE!

I am the typical guy, so I do not know what I am going to do yet, but I know it will be special. She will be talking about this one for a while. The last time I went over the top when she was working in an office, I was the reason for three marriages and a baby. Amazing what a little showmanship can do to spark that kind of reaction! Do not be the guy met with an angry woman tapping her foot at the door because she saw someone else get something at work (ME). Be the guy along with me to give their women exactly what they want to have. Think of it as a get out of jail free car for you thanks to Valentine’s Day.

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