Friday, January 27, 2012

Cool New Sunglasses

I am about to get myself some new sunglasses. I have been enjoying the ability to use my Oakley sunglasses for a while now, but I want to use something which is going to be a bit more on the cutting edge. These new sunglasses that I found from Amazon seemed to be a good fit for me.

I would love to get some opinons from you guys to see what you think about them. I was kind fo shocked at the price when I first saw it, but it is hard to deny the truth when you see the sunglasses right there in your mailbox. I think that I am going to wear these to the upcoming beer festival with my wife.

These were so cheap and fit so good, I might get an extra pair of sunglasses for myself for the summer trip to Hilton Head. I might even get a pair for my son so that we can have one of those silly photos that you always see from vacations.

Just wanted to drop a post really quick to let everyone know what I am up to these days. Hope to be posting mroe very soon and I will soon get another section of my Perfect Margarita story on An Alternate Truth. Until then!

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