Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Calling Out in Full Support of the Wikipedia Blackout

Today, Wikipedia is going through a blackout as a protest to the kinds of legislature that the American congress is trying to pass. This constant invasion into the realm of the internet is poised on the brink of chaos and ruin. If congress is able to succeed, the ability to get free knowledge will cease. The ability to spread the truth about what goes on that the mainstream media will not report vanishes. By regulating the internet, the United States will be no better than any other country it looks down its nose at which offer no rights to their citizens.

If the United States is still the land of the free, it should not take something like a Wikipedia blackout to wake people up! The dependence on the internet for free information and entertainment is a freedom and should be protected. By allowing the government to take control of this, they are shutting down our ability to express ourselves. They are limiting our ability to spread truth. We will become the same as all other countries which oppress their citizens.

It is time for everyone to wake up and let their congressmen know that they will not stand idly by. I support the Wikipedia blackout even though I use it every day for research material in my work. I will gladly go without a wealth of knowledge which up until now has been protected by American values for freedom. If these laws pass, it is an affront to the American public. It will crush the spirit of America and the spirit of the freedom that we should all hold dear. Go to the site and see the Wikipedia blackout for yourself. While you are there, enter your zip code and locate your congressmen so that you can let them know that you are an American and that you support a free internet without regulation!

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