Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally in the New Place!

Hey there good reader! I am happy to report that we are finally in the new place and all is well. My daughter enjoyed playing in the new playground at the apartment and I am gearing up to go work out in the gym. Of course, I had an opportunity to write for a regular piece which would have essentially paid me to get in shape, but alas it slipped through my fingers. I really would have enjoyed writing about getting up each morning and going for a run to get in shape. I am so bummed out by it I think that I will do it anyhow.

So, now I will change the focus of this blog to writing about the difficulties of an out of shape writer trying to get in shape. I will include all of the challenges which are associated with someone who works two jobs trying to find the time and the motivation to be able to get out of the house every day so that he can get out and run every day. Here we start with day minus one and I am stuck on stupid. I do not even have running shoes so I will have to run in my old Airwalks until I can go out and get some real running shoes.

I encourage all of you who have challenges getting out the door to work out each morning to let me know about the processes that you go through and offer any advice you might have to get more people involved in physical fitness. Maybe if we all work together, we can get more people to get off of the couch and into some skinny jeans. While our goals might be different, there is no reason why we cannot all work towards a common goal of having better physical fitness in our lives.

The alarm is set for 5am so that I can get the time that I will need to get into the gym or run around the lake and get my exercise in for the morning. Okay, it will not be running. I will probably walk for about a half hour or so, but at least I will be active. Maybe I will work my way into running. After all, my knees are still hurting from all of the moving that I have had to do lately. I will let you all know how it goes. I hope to hear from everyone very soon.

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