Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome Home!

Atlanta, it's a hell of a town. Too bad I am stuck in Alpharetta! It is never easy when you are looking to go from one apartment to another and you are stuck in a holding pattern. We have a great apartment waiting for us as soon as it is ready for us to move into.

Problem is, it is not ready and our old apartments needed the space back. So, out we go! All of our stuff is in storage or where we are staying at right now. So, where are we staying? My mother's house!

Who imagines they will be living at their parents' house when they are married and have two kids? It is a terrible situation to be in, yet here I am somehow. I could have stayed in an extended stay for the few weeks until we could move in, but that is not a good environment for a home life. Additionally, the room is only large enough to sleep in. Did I also mention it is pretty expensive to stay there?

So, instead we stay at my mother's house and I am reduced to feeling like a teenager again. Sure I can come and go as I please, but there are chores around the house and hurt feelings when boundaries are crossed. About the biggest upshot to the whole thing is at least there is a built-in baby sitter situation going on. That has taken a lot of stress off of the wife and I.

Still, the suburban living is not for us and we cannot wait to get back to the city. Anyone who lives ITP can understand how crazy it is to stay a few weeks OTP. For the uninitiated, ITP and OTP are terms in Atlanta which indicate whether you live inside (ITP) or outside (OTP) the perimeter highway (285) around the city of Atlanta. Most ITPers would rather have their thumbs cut off than be dragged anywhere OTP.

Soon we will be back in the saddle again and I will post you about the new digs. Until then, say a little prayer for those of us who all of a sudden have to mind our Ps and Qs around the parental figures once again. Peace!

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