Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Fine Parade!

This weekend past was the weekend which celebrated gay pride in the city of Atlanta. While I am not gay, I have had many friends over the years who have been gay. As a result, I show support by going to the parade which starts at the Civic Center Marta Station and concludes at Piedmont Park. I am happy to have been able to get my son and daughter involved in the celebration as I am fortunate to be raising two very accepting people.

I enjoy watching the different groups celebrate their pride as they march down the street. In the past the majority of the groups in the parade have been local groups of friends having fun by dressing up silly and marching down what is normally one of the busiest streets in Atlanta. Local busiensses get in the mix because they are aware of the power of the gay dollar. I understand the presence of the businesses, but I have to stop and ponder how much some of the companies really are accepting of the gay community.

One of the most annoying phenomenas which has happened in the parades is the flood of politicians, judges and church groups vying for recognition at the parade. While the parade has always been politically charged, it has been so because of the lack of rights for the gay community. I am disturbed to see politicians with no intention of pushing a gay agenda during their time in office. Showing up to the parade just to get a few votes is a cheap stunt in my book.

As for churches showing up to the parade, I am grateful for it. I know it might seem wierd to see a methodist preacher walking right behind a half naked boy toy, it does my heart good to see there are places where gays who have a religious belief system still have a place in which they are accepted no matter what. Too often groups like the Catholic Church will not allow those who are gay to be ordained.

So, while I got more sun than I would have liked I had a great day. I may have missed National Talk Like a Pirate Day, but there was no way I was going to miss the gay pride parade. I encourage all of you to support the gay community in your area as well. I guarantee if there is a parade it will beat the pants off of the Thanksgiving day parade.

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