Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Side Hustle

Most people want to romanticize a point in time when everyone had a single job that they did for a living. Professionals would get up in the morning and go to work. They would work from nine to five and come home. Once home, they would simply relax and enjoy their personal life. Only those who only cared about industry were ever viewed as someone who would work from home or do anything extra outside of the normal work day.

These days, it is more than acceptable for you to work outside of normal business hours. In fact, with the recent state of recession in the United States, there has been an increase in what the expected hours of operation will be. People are constantly connected through their Blackberries and iPhones. They are expected to be available to answer work related emails even while on vacation. Conference calls are even completed on the back porch while the rest of the family is seated for dinner.

The point is that none of the traditional norms have been honored. Not even the concept that having only one job has been kept alive. In fact, the majority of people will have at least something small on the side as an additional source of income. Those with perfectly well paying jobs will have a start up that they have formed with affiliates. Those who work in a professional position with expertise in their field will offer their knowledge and advice for a fee. Blogs, websites and more have been established all throughout the web in order to offer a side project for people.

Ask around and you will see that the majority of people these days have at least something on the side. This was once considered something that only poor people would do. The idea of having to work two jobs to make ends meet was looked down on by the upper crust. More and more, those who have worked hard and scraped up the money they needed to get ahead were the ones willing to work additional jobs. These same people find themselves in good paying jobs and yet they still have something small on the side.

Whether the side hustle is for beer money, to save for the future or to make ends meet, it is no longer something to be ashamed of. There is even a term for it - multiple streams of income. True, entrepreneurs who have never known hard labor throughout their life are scrambling to set up their side hustles without a thought in the world as to why. It is time that honor was paid to those who deserve the respect that they deserve for working two jobs and establishing multiple streams of income the hard way.

So, here is to all of the hard working individuals who slave away at the dirty jobs which help to make other people's lives better. You may drink now if you wish, but I will raise my glass again to those who are in any field who have a side hustle. It is nice to see that more people are embracing the idea of working hard to get what they want once more. It is refreshing to see so many people willing to roll up their sleeves and take a chance so that they can have the lifestyle that they want. I salute you and I welcome all others to raise their glass in tribute as well.

Here's to the side hustle! Cheers!

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