Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting Started?

Okay, I have not started yet. There was still a lot of stuff to move into the house and now there are boxes to be unpacked and lots of work to do. Give me more time and I will be able to dazzle you with many more reasons why I was not able to get started yet. I guess the excuses are the reason why so many people do not get started on their road to completing goals involving physical fitness. It is so easy to simply dream of the body that you want and not as easy to actually get off of your duff and make something happen.

Tomorrow I still have a lot of stuff to do including an appointment in the morning. I need to set some actual goals rather than just the goal of getting out and doing something. My goals for tonight will be to weigh myself… dreading that… as well as finding my Airwalks in all of these boxes. Let me get at least one of those goals done right now so that you will be able to see that I am actually committed to the program and committed to getting started on my path to better fitness.

My scale shows that I am currently at 258 pounds. That is the most I have ever weighed in my life and it shows. I cannot even truly fit into a size XL. I am now in the category of people who must shop at the Big and Tall section of the store. It is funny when you think about it since I was shopping in the Big and Tall section when I was younger. Of course, I was a skateboarder then and the baggy pants were part of my trademark. Now, the size 40 pants which were so huge on me then are too tight for me to wear.

Tomorrow morning my goal is to walk around the lake for at least 15 minutes just to crack this egg and get started. I will post soon to let you know how things are going. My goal is to be able to report in about a week or so that I have started to lose at least two pounds. Any advice from those out there who know more than me on the subject will be greatly appreciated.

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