Monday, November 15, 2010

Rainy Days

So, here we are with my first challenge in my commitment to get out every day. It is raining out there folks… Big wet droplets threatening to make sure that I will get soaked if I am out there for more than just a few seconds. So, it is okay not to go out right? I should enjoy some fried chicken, beer and maybe some candy? Maybe I can just nibble on some raw butter or slurp down a tub of Crisco! OK, I am being silly, but I feel like I am being lazy because I have not gotten out of the house yet.

There is a perfectly good gym in my neighborhood and I have access to it. I should not be sitting here putting a post online about being lazy, but there you go. Maybe I will get out there later and make it happen… then again I do have a ton of work to do. I have some new clients I just picked up from and they deserve to get my attention. They deserve to get the work done that I promised them right? After all, what kind of a professional would I be if I did not stick to my commitments?

Excuse #infinity… I need to watch my daughter right now because everyone else is out doing something. My son is at SCAD working on a project. My wife is at her part time job, so I need to watch my daughter rather than go for a walk in the rain to the gym.

Well, here is how this is going to play out. I am going to go to the gym after my wife gets home unless the rain has cleared up by then. Then I will go ahead and do my normal walk for at least 15 minutes. I would prefer to get out there for at least 20 minutes. Are you reading this folks? I am not getting any comments, so I am not sure. I will keep you updated rehardless.

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