Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keeping the Focus

One of the hardest things to do whether it has to do with work or with working out is to maintain focus. I have always found it difficult to do so. I will find a thousand excuses as to why I cannot be doing 'X' right at that moment. When it comes to working out, I can always tell myself that I have work that I should be doing… I need to unpack boxes… I need to dust the ceiling… the list goes on. Best of all, when I start working I will lose focus on my work so I will do something else to get my mind right. If asked whether I should maybe workout, I will say, "I can't… I am working!"

One of the ways in which I am going to keep focus on going for my daily exercise is two-fold. First of all, I will make sure to enter posts here on how I am doing. As long as I am making sure to maintain accountability on a public forum like this I am sure that I will be able to push myself into staying on track. If I can get more people to follow the blog I might even be able to get some encouragement from readers who want to see me succeed. Until then, I will allow my own words to inspire me.

The second way in which I will inspire myself is through this picture ß. It was taken when we were on vacation in Hilton Head this past summer. To me it looks like seeing one of the fattest guys in the world on the moped. I know I am not nearly that large, but that is what I see. Maybe by seeing what I have become I will be reminded of what I would like to look like. It will help to push me to make work breaks workouts as well. I have printed out a copy of the picture and it is right in front of my workspace.

So, what do you guys do to maintain focus when you are working out? For that matter, what so you use to maintain focus while working? I look forward to hearing from you. I will post another weight Friday. If all goes well I will be at Disney World nest week and I will get plenty of walking there.

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