Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seeing the Golden Age of Comics at the Breman Museum in Atlanta

There is so much to do in the city of Atlanta that it is pretty easy to find something that you want to do. Being Mother’s Day, we decided to do something really special with our day. First, my wife was able to sleep in. It was nice to hear that Garrison Keeler from Prairie Home Companion agreed with us that this is something that every mother really wants. That, and to get away from the family for a little while for some alone time.
After we had pancakes and eggs as a family for brunch – no Mother’s Day brunch at a restaurant for our family – we set out to the Breman Museum to see the Golden age of Comics exhibit. I was not sure exactly why the Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum would hold such an exhibit. We made sure to read all of the information and I was amazed to learn about how the comic book industry was born. It was basically founded by two Jewish men in the 30’s – Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel – born out of the pulp books which were popular at the time.
We learned how the comic book artists of the time were drawing many of the scenes of American soldiers whopping up on Hitler before the United States of America ever entered into the war. Many of the artists were even hired to draft posters which were used as propaganda posters. These were some of the greatest scenes that I have ever seen of Hitler getting his light punched out and more.
Ariella got to dress up as Wonder Woman and ride the Batmobile. Brenden got to read a lot about many of the greatest artists of all time like Will Eisner and Jack Kirby. We even got to sit down and watch interviews from industry greats including Stan Lee. We even watched some old episodes of Superman which were originally aired in the movie theaters.
It was an overall interesting exhibit and a must see for anyone interested in comic books in general or just art. It is a shame that it is not better advertised as the only thing I ever saw for it was the poster outside of the Breman Museum which is easily ignored. If you or someone you love enjoys comic books, this is a great exhibit to go to.
After we went to the exhibit, we went to Kilwins to get some chocolate and candies. My wife got a delicious candied apple. We also got two caramel apples, two caramel dipped rice crispy treats, a white chocolate dipped rice crispy treat, 1 1/3 pound of fudge and some caramel dipped pretzels.
Now, we are getting ready for Treme to come on and we will undoubtedly drink some Heineken and New Castle Brown Ale. It is a great Mother’s Day in our home. I hope that all of the mothers out there had a great one and will have many more to come in the future.

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