Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tunes from the Tombs - Live it Up at the Oakland Cemetery

Living in Atlanta means there are many different kinds of events you can look forward to. There are the ordinary events that you would expect like sports and massive concerts. What you might not expect to hear about is that one of the most historic cemeteries in town will hold a concert. This is exactly what will happen the weekend of 5/21 – 5/22. This May, Historic Oakland cemetery has decided to allow an unprecedented musical event, Tunes from the Tombs to be held among the many graves and tombs which it holds.

The event is sure to be a lot of fun as it draws many different bands from all across the nation. Even bands as distant as Colorado, Pennsylvania and California will be showing up. The genres of music will range from jazz to rock, classical, folk, Americana and others. The artists will have small stages that they will be able to perform on and those in attendance are encouraged to walk from one band to the next.

Featured bands at Tunes from the Tombs include SmokeThatCity – an instrumental act featuring Bill Taft and the original members of the Cabbagetown act Smoke. Also included on the bill are such great acts as The Blacktop Rockets, Slim Chance and the Convicts and AM Gold. These are only a few of the local and national acts which will be hitting the stage at Tunes from the Tombs.

Full performer lineup here.

The entertainment, and the likeness to a New Orleans event, does not end there. You will also be able to enjoy the stylings of different buskers who will show up on their own small stages. Additionally, you can get your fortune read by Robyn Avalon, a well-known Atlanta psychic and fortuneteller. She will start offering her services at 2pm and will be available until dusk. You will also be able to enjoy free mini tours as a part of the price of the ticket that you paid for.

You will not have to worry about getting hungry at Tunes from the Tombs as there will be great food from nearby restaurants: Six Feet Under, Pallookaville and Hottie Hawg’s Smokin’ BBQ. Along with the food vendors, you will have the chance to purchase “spirits” in the form of beer and wine. Sorry, no ghouls invited!

Attendance at Tunes from the Tombs is expected to be high. With cheap tickets, there is really no reason why you should not show up. Tunes from the Tombs will run from May 21 to May 22. It will operate from 11am until dusk. It is held on the grounds of the Historic Oakland Cemetery which is found at: 248 Oakland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312. The tickets are being sold only at the event. You can get your tickets for $10 if you plan on just going for one day. If you want to go for both days, it is only $15. If you are bringing along your children, those who are 12 and under will only be $5 for one day, $10 for both.

If the event goes well and there is minimal damage to the space, it is likely that this will be a repeat event. So, please get out and support Atlanta and make sure that you are respectful of the eternal souls who will be rocking alongside you. Also, keep in mind that the proceeds from the event go to help preserve the Historic Oakland Cemetry so that it can remain part of what makes Atlanta so special.

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