Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pumping Iron – Losing Weight

I did not get out yesterday to work out after all. I did, however, get out today. I was disappointed in the lack of ability to walk a long distance. I was only able to walk for 15 minutes before it felt like my legs were completely on fire. I was scared of a shin splint which seems ridiculous when all I am doing is walking, but I guess that is what happens when you are so hopelessly out of shape. Anyhow, I walked at 3.5 on the treadmill for 15 minutes and broke a pretty decent sweat. I feel as if I am going to rip apart my leather Converse shoes at any given time as I think they were made more for fashion than they were for active wear. Come on Asics. I am ready for my endorsement deal!

Anyhow, I did improve my lift on the iron for my upper body. I moved up to the number five on my chest, lats and arms. It was a big jump for my arms which I felt at the end of the workout, but I think I am still ready to make the progression to the next weight plate for each body group. I do not feel as if I will have a problem with my chest burning tonight and tomorrow morning which is a great thing as I do not want to tear anything just as I am getting started with all of this.

You know, I just looked back and it seems that I was walking at 3.0 for 20 minutes on Monday. No wonder it was so much harder to walk today. I was going an extra .5 faster than I was originally. I did not mean to go up in speed until I hit 30 minutes of continuous walking on the treadmill. I will take it back to 3 next time I work out. I am hoping that I will get back out tomorrow. I drank a big glass of 2% Horizons milk when I was done to get some protein in me.

I still had about three Yuengling last night while I was relaxing. I will not give up the beer as I still want to enjoy life. Who else out there is swizzling the beer and still losing weight?

P.S.- When I originally weighed myself, I do not know if I was blind or just wishful thinking, but the scale read 272 not 260. Today the scale was at 270. Dunno if that is significant or not as I still have yet to devise a time in which I should be weighing myself. More to come…

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  1. I find that it is far easier to walk in Piedmont Park, albeit when the weather isn't inclement, when the "At the Last" by Edna James or Bill Withers is flowing through your ear buds and you are able to admire the Dogwoods now in bloom. And then, if you are walking at 3.5, or 2.4 or 5.6, well, it doesn't matter. You could be walking at 2.0 even just for a few moments but in those you saw a couple in love, a puppy taking his first jaunts, a young child riding happenstance with mom and dad eagerly behind....I'm a huge fan of being outdoors rather than on timekeeping treadmills.

    Regardless. we don't always have grand weather so the fact you were doing something is wonderful . :)