Monday, July 30, 2012

Louis Vuitton Waffles Anyone?

There are many in the fashion world that would purchase anything for fashion. But, would you cook for fashion? This is a fair question with the Louis Vuitton waffle maker recently introduced to the world.

The design of the waffle maker was dreamt up by Andrew Lewicki. This Los Angeles based designer decided to create a waffle maker that imprints the ‘LV’ monogram on every waffle. It features Teflon coating and a hinge closing function that clasps in the front.

The simplistic design might have you wondering where you can get your own. Unfortunately, this is not something you can buy just yet. It was created for an art-installation and is not available for mass production, though many are speculating just how long it will be until it is ready to be sold to the public. The model uses generic waffle maker parts, an aluminum sheet with enamel as the outer shell and Teflon coated aluminum for the interior. Its dimensions are 13” x 14” x 16”.
You might know Andrew Lewicki from other great designs as the all wood Less Paul guitar or the Oreo Manhole cover. This Louis Vuitton may only be for display, but it is a great design that many have already indicated that they would pay top dollar for. Only time will tell if the design offered by the OTIS graduate will be made available to the public. If so, it is likely not to be available through Target.

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